My First ABC

My First ABC


  • Release Date : 2012-01-19
  • Genre : Education
  • FIle Size : 57.05 MB
Score: 3
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My First ABC Designed from the ground up to take advantage of this amazing new technology, My First ABC brings the alphabet to life as never before and offers an amazing range of interactive features, including:

• Seamless interface that is perfect for young children to navigate
• Specially commissioned phonetic sounds
• Specially commissioned letter sounds
• Charming sound effects that bring concepts and words to life, from a lion’s roar to a cow’s moo.

My First ABC includes:

• Nearly 200 words, including many key words and familiar objects and concepts for preschool children
• Bright, colorful, uniquely appealing photographs to illustrate each word

DK—Dorling Kindersley — is an award-winning publisher of distinctive, highly visual products for adults and children. We produce books, ebooks, and apps for consumers in over 100 countries and 60 languages. Founded in London in 1974 we are enormously proud to be the world’s leading illustrated reference publisher.

Everything we make strives to inform, inspire, and entertain readers of all ages.


  • It's not zee!

    By Devil Puppet
    As others have said, disappointing. The most annoying thing is Z is zee and not zed. It's also not very interactive, just the noise for each letter and some of the animals. I do hate wasting money.
  • Unbelievably poor

    By The-bossman
    DK should be ashamed of themselves. I always thought they were a trusted and reputable firm, what the hell is this rubbish?? Its disgusting that you're conning people with this. You should refund us...this is absolutely disgusting.
  • Utter Tripe

    By williamzNet
    I looked at Apple's announcement of the new version of iBooks today and marvelled at the opportunities for the creation of wonderful new content. Looking at the screenshots of DK's My First ABC, I thought that this would be a showcase for the new format's abilities. Unfortunately it is a cynical attempt at conning parents out of their hard earned cash with about as much innovation (and inspiration) as a dull rainy day. Each spread consists of a 2 second audio clip of someone saying the letter. As you can see there lots of pictures on each page that each start with the appropriate letter; if you prod around a bit, you will find ONLY 1 picture that zooms out to fill the screen on most, but not all, pages. There is no animation, no one saying the name of the object in the picture, just a larger picture of it. Dull, uninspiring and worthless. Not Apple's fault - have a look at the free first 2 chapters of the Ecology book for an idea of what a publisher with aspirations can do with their technology. Edit: Kudos to Apple - I complained about the book and they refunded the purchase price with no quibbles. I enjoy buying from a company that cares about their customers!
  • Poor level of interactivity

    By rushroush
    Probably ok for babies but it will bore them. The least it could have is ALL words recorded as audio and ALL pictures with the facility for expansion to fill the screen. Some learning activities would make it useful, too. The printed book is probably more interesting and interactive, buy that instead.
  • Minor interactivity

    By MarkReid
    This book is little better than a paper version. Some pictures can be looked at closer but there is no indication which those will be. Also the only interactive areas are media players with some animal sounds and to tell you the letter name and sound. Those same media players are difficult to tap because the tap targets are o small. Would be better as a plain old iBook.
  • Not for children

    By dixon86
    As a teacher I bought this book to help my younger disappointing... The only interaction is you have to click play to here the letters about when I click on a picture it also plays the words...for example for 'Ee' you play the sound but have a picture of an elephant that uses both sounds - how is a child suppose to practice the sounds if you don't play it... How about making it fun for kids by adding coloring in sections...have an INTERACTIVE section using building blocks to make about a fun INTERACTIVE section whereby they list to a sound and choose the correct letter... They is a very poor and lazy effort...a child could have done better
  • Lazy

    By Jakefudge2010
    I was really looking forward to sharing this with my 19 month old twins. When tapping the picture, they (and I), were looking forward to the accompanying audio I really thought was coming, after reading the other three, books we in England, are expected to be happy about. We get when tapping excitedly, the colourful pictures, with BIG eyes eager for input, .......the bar at the top appearing. Allowing us to exit this excuse of a learning aid and pick up a REAL book. Poor show. No excuses, this is an invitation to treat by any definition. Extremely annoyed and disappointed. I shall be requesting a refund and first thing tomorrow, I will be going to the cheap book store in my town that sell books far more interactive than this dross.
  • Z = Zee? This is Britain!

    By aBitGone
    Perhaps it would be a good idea to publish British English versions of books – or at least 'warn' people that the content is different to that you might expect.
  • Con Con Con Con Con

    By Jleroy1
    Do not buy this interactive book because it's not interactive. No effort at all was put into this book what so ever. I can't tell you how frustrated I am and how annoyed. Be very wary of buying a book from this publisher. Most people in their own home could make a better attempt with the new authoring tool provided by Apple.